вторник, 5 мая 2009 г.

Разделение процессов в Firefox

Mozilla создала рабочую группу, планирующую работу по отделению процесса отрисовки интерфейса Firefox от процесса отрисовки содержимого веб-страниц:

The Mozilla platform will use separate processes to display the browser UI and web content.

Initial goals:

  • Provide better application UI responsiveness
  • Improve stability from slow rendering or crashes caused by content
  • Improve performance, especially on multi-core machines

Potential future goals:

Что интересно, в конце упоминается про возможность замены сетевого стека в Mozilla на сетевой стек Chromium:

There have been mutterings about taking the chromium network stack wholesale (replacing necko, basically). This may or may not be the fastest path to success: it really depends on how hard it is to map the APIs together and how much we're willing to change callers versus reimplementing the XPCOM API on top of the chromium stack.... needs discussion and a decision within a month or so. If we take chromium networking, we should probably do it on mozilla-central in parallel with phase I.

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